Doab Sofa Designed by Maan Singh, Launched in Milan

18 May Doab Sofa Designed by Maan Singh, Launched in Milan

The 2 characteristics of the sofas are high performance and high efficiency. These are achieved through the use of material (bamboo and Khadi) and the design of the sofa. The way in which the structure is constructed means that there is barely any wastage. The bamboo is machined only where the connections are. The fabric being Khadi means that it is hand spun and handwoven consuming no electricity. The foam used in the sofa is reduced and where possible replaced with latex coir. The energy used in making the sofa is 5% that of a conventional sofa. Another contributing factor is the local and direct sourcing of material. The major components are from within an 80km radius of our factory. The fact that the upholstery is removable means that not only can it be washed but it can also be replaced and changed. This really extends the life of the sofa beyond that of the upholstery.

The reason HOF launched the Doab sofa in Milan was to showcase the design thinking which is being employed by the company in the development of products HOF is a design forward company which would like to demonstrate that innovation is more about the imagination and attitude