• Rakhewal-(Mehsana)_HOF-(Home-Living)_14.08
  • Rajasthan-Patrika-(Ahd)_HOF-(Home-Living)_13.08
  • Prabhat-(Ahd)_HOF-(Home-Living)_13.08
  • Jaihind-(Ahd)_HOF-(Home-Living)_13.08
  • Gujarat-Vaibhav-(Ahd)_HOF-(Home-Living)_13.08
  • Akila-(Rajkot)_HOF-(Home-Living)_14.08
  • Western-Times-(Ahd)_HOF-(Home-Living)_13.08
  • DNA-(Ahd)_HOF-(Home-Living)_13.08

19 Aug Sneak Peek Into Luxury

On 12th August, we launched Premium Range of our Home Segment Fabric Sofas. Architects and designers from across the city had a sneak peek into our new range of Sofas and there was an interactive session with Mann Singh, Design Director, HOF....

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