At HOF, we follow a strict quality policy wherein regular multi-level checks are mandatory, ensuring that what comes out as a final product is nothing but the best. Our service desk is always ready for customer feedback and work towards making our products better. HOF Furniture System Pvt. Ltd. is committed to extend its quality standards to its key suppliers, service providers by entering into alliances with them to jointly improve the quality of its products and services. This policy is applicable to production from its own facilities as well as to all products and materials that are outsourced. HOF Furniture Systems Pvt. Ltd. will periodically review this quality policy for its effectiveness and consistency with the company’s business objectives.


HOF Furniture System has adopted some of the most stringent and difficult test to ascertain Quality Assurance Standards which are adopted and followed by leading International Furniture manufacturers.These tests conform to guidelines laid down by BIMFA/American National Standards Institute-ANSI.